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At Big Little Steps Psychology, we believe sometimes face-to-face individual therapy isn’t the best fit for everyone – maybe you don’t have the time or capacity, maybe you want to take more of a self led journey to self improvement or maybe you like to learn with others and be part of a community . That’s why we offer our basic online courses that are self led, but interactive. Best of all, they fit in with you!

How they work:

Upon payment you join a private Facebook group, where each week, Lauren will go “live” for 45 minutes and work though a mixture of psychoeducation and basic techniques to help manage difficulties (e.g. anxiety, depression, self care). The group runs for 4 weeks, with a weekly “live” video. You can join in “live” and Lauren will answer your questions as we go, or you can catch up and watch later, and post questions either in the group or via private message. In between videos, Lauren will answer questions, post resources, and encourage the group to engage in discussions.

Classes “start” as soon as the group has the group has 5 or more people signed up.

Cost: To join an online course costs $120 – which is the less than the cost of one face-face therapy session. This payment is required prior to beginning the course, via paypal.

Who are they best suited for:

Those who are busy, self motivated and feel like they need just a bit of a boost in their mental health. These courses are not well suited when your mental health condition is severe, ongoing or you have experienced significant trauma. If you would like to discuss if this is a good option for you – message the team at Big Little Steps Psychology. Prior to accepting payment to join the group, the Big Little Steps Psychology team will do a brief, free assessment to ensure this is an appropriate fit for you.

How to Sign up:

Email: to discuss.