We provide one on one Skype behaviour consults for parents or caregivers who are struggling with challenging children’s behaviour (children aged 0-10 years of age).

We approach this with applied behaviour analysis as well as respectful parenting principles.


  • Step 1 – contact us via email/ phone and complete a brief questionnaire regarding the behaviour of concern
  • Step 2 – we have an hour Skype/FaceTime consultation to discuss the behaviour and strategies that could be implemented
  • Step 3 – I’ll email a plan/ potential strategies for you to try and implement
  • Step 4 – we will email a few weeks later and check in and see if any changes or more intervention is necessary.

Please note – Skype behaviour consultations aren’t always appropriate for clients with entrenched behaviour, disabilities or special needs or for trauma driven behaviours. Often in these cases, a longer term psychological intervention is more appropriate. If you would like to discuss if this is an appropriate first step, get in touch. Engagement in Skype behavioural consultation may lead to an identified need for more psychological individual intervention.

Cost – Skype behaviour consultations cost $140 (steps 1-4)