There are lots of reasons to see a psychologist – many say that everyone benefits from psychological support from time to time.

Some reasons why you might see a psychologist include –

  • You might be struggling to adjust to a change in your life e.g. parenthood, loss of job, grief, a break up, school
  • You might be experiencing anxiety, depression, stressful life events or any other mental health difficulty.
  • You might not even know what’s going on, but just feel that you haven’t been ‘right’ or that your life has become more difficult.
  • Your relationships may be strained or you think it could be better.
  • You might want to better improve yourself or give yourself some self care

A psychologist is trained to perform a detailed assessment of your mental health and to identify what’s going on for you.

No matter what your reason for seeking help, it’s important to find a psychologist you can connect with and trust.